Production year 2007


Original title: Darbaļaužu balets
Directed by: Roberts Vinovskis
Screenwriter: Roberts Vinovskis
Cinematographer: Kaspars Braķis, Valdis Celmiņš, Jānis Katlaps
Sound Designers: Jevgēņijs Kobzevs
Music Composer: Jānis Žilde
Producer: Roberts Vinovskis
Produced by: Lokomotīve
Country: Latvia link link


Football can be so much more that just eleven ball kicking know-nothings running around or millions of beer lovers attached to TV screens. The film reflects on the thoughts of several important theorists about  the similarities of football and life. Characterizing the ethical and aesthetic aspects as well as inseparable connection with modern society of this sports game. From drunken fans deep in the Latvian countryside till behind the scenes of the national team. From cheering crowds in the streets of Paris and Lisbon till the tension in Euro Cup finals – the film shows an alternative story of what football really is about.

Distribution details:

Released: 2007
Original format length:  52min 24fps
Audio languages: Latvian