Production year 2015


Original title: Rīgas Kungi
Directed by: Adriāna Roze
Screenwriter: Adriāna Roze, Anete Vanaga
Cinematographer: Juris Pīlēns
Sound Designers: Anete Vanaga
Composers: Arnis Račinskis, Andis Ansons
Producer: Undīne Buka
Produced by: Lokomotīve
Country: Latvia link


Lords of Riga allows to see an insight into a passionate subculture of bike couriers. Weaving their way through the urban traffic, they have become silent and sometimes unnoticed witnesses of everyday life in Riga as well as examples of our modern-day society. What is freedom to this bunch of rebellious messengers and where it ends?

Distribution details:

Released: 2015
Original format length:  26min 24fps
Audio languages: Latvian