Studio Locomotive presents

Ghost Hour

Original title: Spoku Stunda
Directed by: Nils Skapāns
Screenwriter: Nils Skapāns
Cinematographer: Valdis Celmiņš
Animation artist: Nils Skapāns
Sound Designers: Ernests Ansons
Composer: Edgars Mākens
Producer: Roberts Vinovskis
Produced by: Lokomotīve (Latvia), Jarve Studio (Estonia)
Country: Latvia, Estonia link


As every night little ghost goes out to scare everybody. And as every night the little girl has to finish her diner which she hates. It just so happens that the two meet and the girl isn’t at all scared. There is nothing else left than a little laughter and… a friendship.

Distribution details:

Released: 2014
Original format length:  7min 24fps
Audio languages: Latvian