Production year 2017


Original title: Pirmdzimtais
Directed by: Aiks Karapetjans
Screenwriter: Aiks Karapetjans
Cinematogreraph: Jānis Eglītis
Sound Designers: Ernests Ansons, Verners Biters
Composer: Andris Dzenītis
Costume designer: Katrīna Liepa
Producer: Roberts Vinovskis
Main Cast: Kaspars Znotiņš, Maija Doveika, Kaspars Zāle, Mārtiņš Liepa, Vilmārs Sokolovs, Mārtiņš Grauds, Jana Ļisova, Aivars Līnis, Dainis Grūbe, Agnese Budovska, Jānis Dubovičs, Armands Berģis, Kārlis Arnolds Avots
Country: Latvia link link


A middle-aged intellectual commits an act of unintentional homicide whilst trying to regain his dignity in the eyes of his wife, but soon after it occurs to him there is a strange connection between the victim, the sudden pregnancy of his wife and the mysterious blackmailer, who tries to force him to commit yet another awful thing.

Distribution details:

Released: 2017
Original format length:  90min 24fps
Audio languages: Latvian