Production year 2015


Original title: Tukšās zemes ritmi
Directed by: Reinis Spaile
Screenwriter: Reinis Spaile, Mārtiņš Groza
Cinematogreraph: Jurģis Kmins
Sound Designers: Reinis Semēvics
Composer: Aleksis Luriņš, Kasetes
Producer: Undīne Buka
Main Cast: Kristofers Buks, Kate Jaskova, Arnita Jaunzeme, Vits Ādams Olte, Daniels Volkovs, Ralfs Vasels, Krišs Karotkijs, Jēkabs Dzenis, Kristaps Bičevskis,
Country: Latvia link link


Fourteen year old Arvids lives in a small village and spends most of his time daydreaming about his future plans together with his best friend Klavs. One morning, while jogging, Arvids unintentionally finds himself in a situation that makes him witness a dreadful manifestation of his own ferocious nature. As a result, Arvids starts to see an environment around him from a different perspective and ponders on his own future inside it. Arvids is faced with a decision – to give in to pressure of his peers or to take responsibility for the consequences of his own actions.

Distribution details:

Released: 2015
Original format length:  28min 24fps
Audio languages: Latvian