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The customer does not need to be an expert. 

We integrate the separate specific steps into the framework of the project. If any of the steps are impossible to carry out, we act to the best of our ability. In our experience, restoration means exploring the essence of the material and making decisions regarding the necessary actions to be performed.


Organised and up to date workflow.


We have experience in processing large amounts of scanned film assets with the intent to make them more suited for WEB and TV use cases, but we do not provide mass automated treatment of the material without human involvement. All the automatic or semi-automatic processes are carried out with human involvement, based on experience and the specific character of the material: tests are performed, and the workflow is adjusted to the specific task each time for each reel of film. 


More than 10 years of experience.


We have experience in historical material preparation for TV and cinema movies, taking into account the style and specific character of the film. All of the steps of the film restoration process listed below may be included; however, experience shows that not all of the steps described are necessarily called for when preparing material. 

Experience in film restoration helps us to make the right choice of stylistics and estimate volume of work for the preparation of material and in each particular case ‒ to guarantee a speedy result of with the best possible quality.

Locomotive classics
Locomotive classics
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